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How to use Amsterdam public transport with kids in tow (tourist edition)

Our practical travel guide to using Amsterdam public transport with kids and strollers in tow: how to get around Amsterdam with children.

Amsterdam has an excellent public transport system consisting of trams, metro (subway), buses, boats and trains.

Public transport connections in Amsterdam ensure easy movement between locations and the system is easy to manage with kids in tow.

Overall, public transportation is clean and efficient; however, there are a few important things parents need to know if to ensure you get where you need to be without hiccups, especially if you have kids using strollers.

This is our guide to using Amsterdam public transportation with kids and strollers in tow.

I recommend you use it in connection with our family guide to Amsterdam for first-time visitors.

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What you need to know about strollers on Amsterdam public transport

At a glance, there are the main things you need to know about using Amsterdam public transport with kids and, specifically, with strollers.

  • Kids 0 to 3 travel free.
  • Kids age 4 to 11 can get a children day ticket at the reduced cost of €4
  • On Amsterdam’s public transport, strollers share dedicated accessible doors and areas with wheelchair users.
  • Wheelchair users and mobility scooters always have precedence over strollers on Amsterdam’s public transport vehicles
  • Trams can only take a certain number of pushchairs per trip: be prepared to wait for the following tram or to fold your stroller if needed.
  • Drivers have ultimate authority in deciding if there is sufficient space for you to travel on that specific vehicle. If you notice them addressing you, it is most likely to ask you to fold your stroller, position it a certain wait of wait for the next vehicle.
  • Anyone age 13 or over must wear a face mask/ mouth and nose covering on public transport in Amsterdam, according to current health regulations
  • Buses have a designated central area for wheelchair users with low floors and trams also have designated spots, usually beside the conductor’s booth, if present.
  • Trams are frequent and well kept: while you may need to wait to get a spot at the busiest times, you do not usually have to wait for long.
  • Ferries crossing the IJ river are free of charge, easy to use with kids and fun

Good to know! Amsterdam transport welcomes pregnant people on board and offers them a ‘baby on board button’ you can use to let people know you could do with sitting down. You can order yours here. This is a lovely touch that makes a little less awkward having to ask for a seat, especially if you are early in pregnancy and don’t show yet.

Best tickets for using Amsterdam public transport with kids

The most common means of transport in Amsterdam for tourists is the tram, followed by the metro and the ferries.

Amsterdam trams are blue and white and they crisscross the city in an efficient and environmentally friendly way.

You can buy tickets as you board the tram or get one in advance at one of the many GVB offices in town and Schipol airport.

Convenient GVB ticket counter locations are :

  • GVB Service & Tickets Stationsplein Central Station – Monday through Sunday: 08:30 – 19:00
  • GVB Service & Tickets Station Bijlmer – Monday through Friday: 08:30 – 19:00 and Saturday and Sunday: 10:00 – 18:00
  • GVB Service & Tickets Station Zuid – Monday through Friday: 08:30 – 19:00 or Saturday and Sunday: 10:00 – 18:00
  • GVB Service & Tickets Station Noord – Monday through Sunday: 10:00 – 18:00

You can find a complete list and a useful map to find the nearest service counter near you here.

Amsterdam Centraal Station and, in front, the ticket kiosk for pubic transport tickets and cards
City scenic from Amsterdam with the central station in the Netherlands

There most useful ticket options for families to choose from are:

GVB 1 Day ticketTOP PICK FOR KIDS : this ticket is valid on all GVB trams,buses and metro in Amsterdam, Diemen, Duivendrecht, Amstelveen, Schiphol and Weesp.

This ticket costs €8.50 (adult) and a child ticket is €4 (4 to 11 years old).

You can book your and your child ticket online here.

You will receive immediate confirmation and a voucher that will allow you to collect your ticket on arrival. all information is at the link provided.

Please note that this ticket doesn’t include transport from/to Schipol

GVB 1h ticket: this is a ticket valid for 1h and cost €3.20 at the time of writing.

You must check-in and check out every time you enter/exit the tram; however, there is no limit to the number of trams you catch within the validity period of your ticket.

The Amsterdam Travel Ticket 1 day: this is a good tourist ticket for travel on the train, the Amsterdam Airport Express bus 397, Niteliner N97 between Schiphol and Amsterdam, all GVB trams, day buses, night buses and metros.

You can choose between tickets for 1, 2 or 3 days, costing €17, €22.50 and €28 respectively.

You can find prices, infor an option to book your ticket here.

Other transport tickets to consider

Bus Tram Metro 1.5 hour Ticket (BTM): this ticket is valid for 1.5h and allows you to change between trams, buses and metro. This is useful especially if you have accommodation outside of the city center.

The cost is €6.5 at the time of writing, you must check-in and check-out as you board/exit the vehicle

GVB Multi-day ticket, 2 – 4 days: this is a multi-transport, multi-day ticket perfect if you need to move a lot but do not need to include Schipol. The fares are: €13.50 (48h), €19 Euro (72h) and €24.50 (96h).

GVB Multi-day ticket 5 – 7 days: this is a multi-transport, multi-day ticket perfect if you need to move a lot but do not need to include Schipol. Fares are: €29,50 (120h)

OV-chipkaart (rechargeable public transport card): the OV rechargeable card allows savings on tram and train rides around Amsterdam.

It is a good option especially for longer stays or if you are planning on being in Amsterdam more than once, for instance at the start and at the end of a European trip in and out of Schipol.

This is the card for local use and it is the best ticket for frequent journeys, as it allows you to ride at a significant discount than by buying single tickets as you pay per distance, not per ride.

The best card to get for tourists is the rechargeable, anonymous card.

The card has a recommended retail price of €7.50: you get it at the public transport kiosks, add the credit you want and you are ready to go.

Please note: you need to have a minimum credit of 4 Euro on the card to use trams/buses and a minimum credit of 20 Euro to use the card on the train.

You much check-in and check out of the vehicle for the ticket to be valid and the correct amount dedicated.

IAmsterdam City Card

The IAmsterdam City card is not a transport card but a complete package bundling together transport fares and discounted entrances to selected city museums and attractions.

The card is convenient if you are planning on visiting several high-priced attractions such as Artis Zoo and Nemo (children go free if parents are card holders) and can be a handy way not to have to worry about transport tickets.

To make sure you make the best use of it, I recommend you consider purchasing only after pinning down the attractions you know you want to visit and how long you have in Amsterdam to see them.

The card is valid for either 24h, 48h, 72h or 96h and can be bought online in advance.

You can find details and prices of the IAmsterdam Card here

I hope you found our guide to using public transportation in Amsterdam helpful. Safe family travels!

How to use Amsterdam public transport with kids in tow – pin this!

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